Overcoming the Obstacles in Our Lives

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

In Joshua chapter 6, the people of God had to decide whether they would continue the journey to where God wanted them—would they move forward in spite of the obstacles, or would they once again retreat into safety? From this passage of scripture let’s look at three key principles on how to overcome the obstacles that oftentimes keep us from following the will of God for our lives.

First, we overcome obstacles through communication (Joshua 6:1-2)

The major obstacle facing Joshua and the people of Israel was Jericho. If they couldn’t conquer this city, then all hope for the Israelites was gone. The questions to be asked are, how would they reach the city and how would they scale the wall?

Joshua had a God who communicated with him. God told Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men, and provided the plan for taking Jericho.” Whatever your obstacle, God’s willing to cross it with you. He is committed to communicating with His people and to providing strength, comfort, and hope. If you are up against a wall and want to know how to deal with it, don’t try to overcome under your own strength. Your first plan of action should be to have a little talk with God.

Second, we defeat difficulties through compliance (verses 6-7)

In the midst of such a great obstacle, Joshua complied with the plan of God. Though he may not have completely understood the plan or its significance, he followed God and moved the people to action. God could use a man like Joshua because he was a man of faith and a man of obedience. He simply followed as God instructed and the people followed.

God instructed the people of Israel to carry the trumpets, with the ark of the Lord following for six days, and they were not to speak (verses 8, 10). On the seventh day they were to follow this routine with one addition. They were to shout in glory to God because the city had been delivered to them.  This was an act of faith and obedience and their obedience to God produced wonders. We don’t read of a negative spirit, disbelief, or discouragement. Compliance is the key to the moving of God’s mighty hand in our lives.

Finally, impossibilities become possibilities through confidence (verses 20-21)

It was uncommon common sense to believe that God could make the impossible possible. Yet in the end the walls fell.  
The walls were not the problem, the people were the problem. We are always the problem. God has the power to do as He chooses, but He desires that we act in obedient faith. When we do, He takes care of the walls and it all.

In conclusion, Joshua and the people of god demonstrated deep confidence in the power of God. Do you have that kind of confidence? If so, then you can overcome the obstacles in your life. Remember the three C’s to overcoming obstacles are communication, compliance, and confidence.

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